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Frequently Asked Questions
I'll answer common queries here. Please use the blog post comments or the Contact Form on the home page to submit any other questions you'd like answered.

Q: Why does this blog exist and who is it for?
A: For individuals seriously interested in optimising their ability to get around cities by bike and obtain the greatest benefits. Please see the About page for details.

Q: Do you make any money from this blog or have any financial interests in cycling?
A: No, none whatsoever. No content on this blog is influenced by any financial interest. The blog has almost no costs other than my time.

Q: Are you interested in any advertising, promotional, partnership or money-making offers?
A: Absolutely not; there are no exceptions. Please do not contact me about any money-making offers or even just offers to promote my site or content. It is just a waste of my time and yours.

Q: Do you receive cycling equipment for free? Will you review cycling equipment?
A: No I don't receive anything. I don't do bike or equipment reviews as I have a minimalist philosophy and once you have the essentials for utility cycling you rarely need to replace them. See: Actual cycling expenditures prove how cheap cycling can be

Q: Is this blog really filling a gap or is it redundant?
A: I've read hundreds of cycling sites in searching for answers myself and never found one site that covered this territory practically with the same perspective. If you are aware of similar sites, please do let me know.

Q: Where are the posts about news? Do you update existing posts or add new posts?
A: This is an advice blog so I don't wish to add redundant posts and do want to make them as specific, accurate and practical as I can. So there are no posts about news, trends or products and the original date of the posts doesn't matter. I constantly update and refine posts with new advice, facts and links.

Q: Can I contribute one or more blog posts?
A: This blog is not taking guest posts at this time but you are welcome to suggest worthwhile topics or submit relevant information.

Q: Can I contribute illustrative photos with attribution?
A: Absolutely. I'm happy to replace any photo I use on this blog with a more illustrative or relevant one and I provide attribution on all photos. If you read a blog post and think you have a more useful or interesting photo (especially from Melbourne) please do get in touch.

Q: Can I contribute links to blog posts?
A: If I review the link and it fits with the post's content and purpose I will include it. Please use the post comments to suggest links.

Q: What is your approach to copyright, attribution, fair use and content queries?
A: I endeavour to respect copyright, provide correct attribution, follow fair use conventions and respond quickly and satisfactorily to all content usage queries. Please use the Contact Form on the home page to submit any queries.

Q: Under what terms can I re-use content from this blog?
A: I don't have a universal policy on re-using my content. Just contact me by email. In principle, I'm most in favour of this policy: Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) - essentially allowing others to re-use and build upon work non-commercially, as long as they provide attribution and license their re-mixed content under the identical terms. However, I'm happy to allow some types of "commercial" use. E.g. wikiHow articles.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can email me at loboadrian AT gmail.com
- Please do not contact me about any commerce or money-related offer or opportunity.
- If you haven't received a response to your email it was probably deemed to be commercial or spam.