Wednesday 4 December 2013

How to refine your most frequent cycling routes

Tip: Use Google Maps cycling routes, observe other riders and refine your route based on experience (e.g. avoiding busy, high-speed roads with no safe bike lanes) and your priorities (e.g. enhanced enjoyment/safety may be worth a few more minutes). The longer (or less obvious) routes can also be faster and more convenient if they eliminate hills, stops and traffic.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Tristan Schmurr


1. The best cycling route is generally not identical to the best route by car, so explore the options on Google Maps (cycling layer enabled) or by checking them out on your bike.

2. Use safer cycling routes to begin with and explore faster, more direct routes as your confidence and experience grows.

3. Prioritize the things that actually matter the most to you in each circumstance. If commuting a long distance to work, you may prioritize speed and thus direct routes. However, if time isn't a major factor (i.e. 5-10min more wouldn't matter), taking the longer but more enjoyable (peaceful, relaxed) bike trail may be better.

4. Use a cycling route mapping site for your country/city. E.g. For Melbourne, apart from Google Maps, the best mapping site is: BigYak Bike Trails