Wednesday 4 December 2013

Useful smartphone and web apps for utility cyclists

Summary: Some smartphone and website apps can be very useful for urban cyclists in planning and tracking routes, checking rain radar, finding bike share stations, doing maintenance and exploring cities. The selected apps listed here are ones that utility cyclists may find most useful.

1. Attach a smartphone to your bike:
- Finn is the best universal product I've seen to do this.
> See this review: - BikeCityGuide Finn

2. Map & route apps
- Google Maps
- Australia: BigYak Bike Trails
- UK: Cycle Streets Journer Planner and  Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner - Uses CycleStreets routes.

3. Elevation & gradient mapping
- Ride With GPS

4. Weather apps
Willy Weather: A very comprehensive weather app that I mostly use for its wind forecasts. It has web app and mobile versions.
- Rain?: A rain radar app for Australia to check when it's best to ride.
- WeatherZone: A general weather app including probability of rain at different times of the day.

5. Cycling DIY maintenance
- Bike Repair ($2.92): 85+ photo repair guides for DIY maintenance.
- Easy Bike Repair ($1.75): 50 detailed step by step instructions.
- Bike Doctor ($2.77): 40 repair guides
Caring For Your Bicycle ($3.63)

6. My ride tracking
- Strava
- MapMyRide

7. Bike share; P2P rental
- Spotcycle: Bike share stations, availability and routes.
- Spinlister: Rent bicycles from other people.

7. Bicycle tourism
- BikeCityGuide

8. Choosing where to live; Rent vs Buy decisions
- Walk Score (includes Bike Score)
- NY Times: Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

Further Info:
- Apps Zoom - Android Biking Apps