Wednesday 22 January 2014

Ride2Work day - Tour de Breakfast

Summary: Ride2Work day occurs every October in Australia to promote commuting to work by bicycle. Part of the incentive involves free community breakfasts around the city for cyclists to stop at on their way to work. These breakfasts are a good opportunity for cyclists to meet people involved in urban cycling, get advice or a mini bike fix, pick up free stuff and a free breakfast and try out new commuting routes.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by MoBikeFed


1. Ride2Work Websites
- The main Ride2Work website has all the details about the program and advice for new commuters.

2. Community Breakfast Locations
- In Melbourne, the locations usually remain much the same each year. The Ride2Work website used to list them comprehensively but now only lists the main CBD locations around Australia. Your local council will list any breakfasts being hosted on their website.

For Melbourne also see:
2013 Foodieonabike list of Melbourne locations
- 2013 Community Breakfast locations around Melbourne (Fixed forum post)

3. Tour de Breakfast Maps
- A fun way to exploit Ride2Work day is to visit more than one breakfast location on your way to work or to visit a location you don't normally ride to. Apart from the challenge of seeing how many breakfasts you can fit in and finding which is best, it's a good way to explore wider transport routes around your city.

- For Melbourne, Treadly and Me has done a wonderful job providing a map and photos of their experience which should give you a few ideas: > Melbourne Tour de Breakfast 2013
The Abbotsford Convent breakfast looked like the pick of the bunch in 2013.

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