Monday 25 November 2013

Reliable equipment reviews to help you choose what to buy

Summary: To save time comparing different types of lights, locks and other equipment you need reliable sources of comprehensive, objective and comparative reviews. A lot of time can be wasted buying poor or unsuitable equipment. This post will collate useful sources of reviews and tests.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Henry Söderlund
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1. General review sites
- Bicycle Network's Ride On magazine; Ride On recommends
- Bicycle Network - Bike accessories
- Cycling accessories - London Cyclist
- Bicycling Magazine - Gear review finder
- - Review archive

2. Lights tests
- 2013 Top 60 lights for commuting (Ride On magazine)

3. Locks tests
- 2013 locks test (Ride On magazine)
Bike locks test 2012-13 (Bicycle Network)

4. Saddle bag reviews
- Cycling saddle bags (London Cyclist)

5. Tyre reviews
- Best puncture proof tyres (London Cyclist). Read the comments.

6. E-bikes reviews
- 2013 E-bikes buying guide (Ride On magazine)