Sunday 1 December 2013

A directory of relevant terms and concepts

Summary: There are quite a few concepts and terms involved in discussions of urbanism, transport and cycling (e.g. infrastructure and facilities) that may be unfamiliar. I'll use this post to create a directory of relevant terms with links to definitions or explanatory articles. I've also incorporated some concepts from particular proponents that I agree with and wish to use and popularise (e.g. A view from the cycle path).

Flickr CC by 2.0 - Les Haines
Beater bike (Pub bike)

Bicycle boulevard

Complete streets

Cycling infrastructure

Developing cycling city (Emerging cycling city)

Going Dutch


Integrated transport

New urbanism

Rat running

Segregated cycle facilities

Shared space

Sharrow (Shared lane marking)

Social safety

Strict liability


Subjective safety

Sustainable safety

The grid

Transit-oriented development


Utility cycling

Vehicular cycling


Further Info:
A view from the cycle path

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