Thursday 10 April 2014

The best how-to guides for common maintenance tasks

Summary: There are common bicycle maintenance tasks that apply to every utility cyclist. Most of them are very easy to learn how to do and only require a few, inexpensive tools. Being able to do these tasks yourself will save a lot of money and inconvenience and allow you to maintain your bike whenever required and never lose access. This post will list the most common tasks and collate the best how-to guides freely available online.

MadeGood.bikes: Look After V-Brakes

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1. Free, top-quality bicycle maintenance guidance sites
- There are very few, free sites with a significant range of top-quality maintenance guides. However, these are the best resources available and should be your go-to resources.

(a) MadeGood.bikes: School - The best, free site for top-quality guides. It's a social enterprise, so please support it by purchasing required tools using its Tool Shop links.

(b) HowCast: Bicycle Repair and Maintenance (Silk Road Cycles) - 52 video guides for common tasks. Most are accurate and high quality.

2. Free, medium-quality bicycle maintenance guidance sites
- The below guidance sites have free, medium-quality content.

(a) VideoJug - Bicycle Maintenance videos
(b) Ivanhoe Cycles YouTube Channel - Tutorials (33 videos)
(c) Evans Cycles YouTube Channel - Bike Maintenance Videos (20 videos)
(d) Halfords YouTube Channel - How to maintenance (15 videos)

3. The best available how-to guides for the most common maintenance tasks

How to lubricate bicycle parts
MadeGood.bikes: Lubricate Moving Bike Parts
MadeGood.bikes: Lubricate A Bike Chain
MadeGood.bikes: Lubricate A Brake Cable Or Gear Cable

How to install tubes and mount tyres
MadeGood.bikes: Dismount A Bike Tyre
MadeGood.bikes: Install An Inner Tube
MadeGood.bikes: Mount a Bike Tyre With a Wire Bead

How to find and repair punctures
MadeGood.bikes: Fix A Puncture On A Road Bike
MadeGood.bikes: Find The Source Of A Puncture
MadeGood.bikes: Patch An Inner Tube
YouTube: How To Fix A Bike Puncture - Repairing An Inner Tube

How to check wheels and tyres
MadeGood.bikes: Check A Rear Hub
MadeGood.bikes: Check A Bike Tyre
MadeGood.bikes: Check The Pressure Of A Tyre
MadeGood.bikes: Inflate A Bike Tyre With A Presta Valve
MadeGood.bikes: Long Term Bike Tyre Repair

How to remove and mount wheels
MadeGood.bikes: Remove A Rear Wheel With Wheel Nuts
MadeGood.bikes: Remove A Rear Wheel With Quick Release Skewer
MadeGood.bikes: Mount a Non-Derailleur Rear Wheel & Tension The Chain
MadeGood.bikes: Mount A Rear Wheel With Wheel Nuts
MadeGood.bikes: Mount A Rear Wheel With Quick Release Skewer
MadeGood.bikes: Mount A Front Wheel With Quick-Release Skewer

Adjusting saddles and seatposts
MadeGood.bikes: Saddles & seatposts category
- Contains 3 guides including: Adjust saddle position; Adjust saddle height; Fit a saddle.

Check and adjust V brakes
MadeGood.bikes: Look After V-Brakes
- Contains 7 guides including: Diagnose brake problems; Open and close V brakes, Check, adjust or replace the brake blocks (pads); Adjust handlebar controls.

Videojug: How to adjust bike brakes

Check and adjust Derailleurs and gears
MadeGood.bikes: Fit And Set Up A Rear Derailleur
MadeGood.bikes: Fit And Set Up A Front Derailleur
MadeGood.bikes: Replace A Bike Freewheel
MadeGood.bikes: Replace A Bike Cassette

Use barrel adjusters to make minor changes to brake and gear cables
MadeGood.bikes: General Information On Barrel Adjusters

Checking and straightening (trueing) a bike wheel
MadeGood.bikes: Check And True A Bike Wheel
- Contains 7 guides on how to check if a wheel is straight (true) and how to adjust it - both to make it circular and to make it a flat disc (i.e. remove both horizontal and vertical wobbles).

Check, break and connect a chain
MadeGood.bikes: Break A Chain With A Chain Tool
MadeGood.bikes: Connect A Chain With A Chain Tool
MadeGood.bikes: Check for Chain Wear
MadeGood.bikes: Diagnose Chain Length For Derailleurs

Remove and replace pedals
MadeGood.bikes: Replace A Bike Pedal
MadeGood.bikes: Replace And Set Up A Clipless Pedal

Further Info:
- A paid subscription site with very high quality video guides. Monthly subscription is $6. Annual is $50. The text transcripts of each video are free. If you can afford the cost, this is the best paid option available.
BicycleTutor: Bicycle Repair Guide
BicycleTutor: Forums

- ParkTool: Repair Help and Education

- BikeDoctor: iPhone and Android paid app. Has 40 common repair and maintenance guides.

- Bike Repair: Paid smartphone app with 85 repair and maintenance guides.

Easy Bike Repair: Paid smartphone app with 50 repair and maintenance guides.

- Sheldon Brown: Bicycle Repair
Adjusting Direct-pull Cantilever Bicycle Brakes (V-Brakes)

Bike Garage - The ultimate bike repair movie (1hr 24min)

Videojug - Cycling videos
Videojug: How to choose a bicycle
Videojug: How to stop your bike being stolen
Videojug: How to do basic bicycle maintenance
Videojug: How to replace brake blocks
Videojug: How to adjust bike brakes
Videojug: How to change a bicycle brake cable
Videojug: How to fix a bicycle puncture
Videojug: How to fix a flat bike tire
Videojug: How to adjust your saddle to the correct height
Videojug: How to adjust a bicycle seat
Videojug: How to remove bike pedals
Videojug: How to remove the rear bike wheel
Videojug: How to change a bike tube
Videojug: How to change a bike tyre
Videojug: How to tighten a bike chain
Videojug: How to fix a bike chain
Videojug: How to change a bicycle chain
Videojug: How to clean a bike chain