Saturday 1 November 2014

Guides to identify and choose the right bike parts and accessories

Summary: If trying to save money and become more self sufficient in maintaining and upgrading your bicycle parts and accessories you need to be able to accurately identify the parts that fit your bike/body and best suit your needs. Finding a comprehensive and simple source of useful reference information can be difficult. This post will collate various bike part and accessory buying guides and explanatory information.

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1. General Buying and Equipment Guides
Comprehensive Buying Guide Sites
Wiggle: Cycle Buying Guides
eBay Buying Guides - Cycling
Evans Cycles: Buying guides

Bike Part Jargon and Glossary
> Wiggle: Bike jargon buster guide

Clothing - General
> Evans Cycles: A Guide to Bicycle Clothing
> Wiggle: Cycle clothing guides
> eBay: How to Buy Cycling Gear
> CRC: Clothing buying guide

Parts - General
> eBay: Buying Replacement Parts for Your Bike
> eBay: Your Guide to Buying Road Bike Parts
> CRC: Components buying guide

Accessories - General
> CRC: Accessories buying guide
> Evans Cycles: A Guide to Bicycle Technology

Weather - General
eBay: Your Guide to Cycling in Wet Weather
> eBay: Cold-Weather Cycling Clothing

Sizing - General
> RideOn: Size matters

For Women
> Wiggle: Bike set up tips for women

2. Specific Buying Guides
Bottom Brackets
> eBay: Bottom Brackets 101

> Evans Cycles: A Guide to Brakes
> Bike Exchange: Brakes

Car Bike Carriers
> Bike Exchange: Car Bike Carriers

eBay: Your Guide to Buying a Replacement Chain for Your Bike

Computers & GPS
> eBay: Bike Computer Buying Guide
> CRC: Bike computers buying guide

Fenders & Mudguards
eBay: Your Guide to Buying Bike Fenders
> Evans Cycles: A Guide to Mudguards

Gears & Drivetrain
> Wiggle: Gears and drivetrain guides
> Wiggle: Cassettes buying guide

eBay: Cycling Gloves Buying Guide
> CRC: Gloves buying guide

> eBay: Bicycle Handlebar Buying Guide
> eBay: A Comprehensive Guide To Handlebar Sizes

> eBay: Bike Headset Buying Guide

> Wiggle: Helmet buying guide
> eBay: Your Guide to Buying Cycling Helmets

> Wiggle: Waterproof jackets buying guide
> CRC: Jackets buying guide

> Wiggle: Lights buying guide
eBay: Bicycle Lights Buying Guide

> Wiggle: Bike locks buying guide

Lubricants & Cleaning Fluids
> Wiggle: Bike cleaner and lubricant guide
> CRC: Lube and cleaning buying guide

> eBay: The Ultimate Pannier Buying Guide

> Bike Exchange: Pedals
> Wiggle: Bike pedals buying guide
> Wiggle: Cycling pedals and cleats buying guide (sports cycling)
> CRC: Pedals buying guide (sports cycling)

Pumps and Puncture Repair
> Wiggle: Pumps and puncture repair buying guide

> CRC Hub: Saddles buying guide
> Evans Cycles: A Guide to Saddles

> Wiggle: Cycle Shoes buying guide

CRC Hub: Tools buying guide

> Wiggle: Inner tube buying guide

> Wiggle: Bike tyres guide
> CRC: Tyres buying guide

> Wiggle: Mountain bike wheels buying guide
> CRC: Wheels buying guide

3. Commuting and Utility Cycling Guides
Sustrans: A beginner’s guide to commuting by bike

Further Info:
eBay Buying Guides - Cycling

Wiggle: Cycle Buying Guides

Chain Reaction Hub: Buying Guides

Bike Buying Guides
> Chain Reaction Hub: Buying Guides - Bikes
> Wiggle: Bike buying guide
> Bike Exchange: Choosing the Right Bike - Bicycle Buying Advice
> Reid Cycles: Bike Buying Guides