Saturday 4 January 2014

Actual Car vs Bike commuting comparisons

Summary: During commuting peak hours, cycling is clearly quicker and more enjoyable than driving. But you may be surprised to see by how much and over what distances. This post will collate comparisons to demonstrate the advantages and show how cyclists cruise past traffic rather than holding it up.

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1. > Cyclist passes 589 cars on way to work, > How many cars did I pass today?, > Riding in the car lanes just to see how I like it
- Shows how cyclists cruise past hundreds of cars that are stuck in traffic.

2. How best to get to work?
- A 11km commuter race from Malvern East to Melbourne CBD:
Brett (Vespa) 19 minutes
Byron (bicycle) 32 minutes
Stephen (bicycle) 33 minutes
Sonia (bicycle) 42 minutes
The Saturday Age (car) 45 minutes
Grant (tram) 51 minutes
Maxine (car) 53 minutes
Tamara (walk/train) 55 minutes

3. The great commuter race: car vs bike, scooter, foot and public transport
- A 15km commuter race from Ryde to Sydney CBD:
Scooter: 25min
Bicycle: 32min
Car: 37min
Train: 1hr 12min
Bus: 1hr 14min

4. Wyndham council's race to the CBD shows cyclists are on a winner
- A 30km race from Melbourne's outer western local area to the CBD. Bikes combined with trains came first followed by bikes riding all the way. Public transport came next and cars were by far the slowest.

5. Streetfilms NYC 2008: Bike vs. Car vs. Transit
- A 7km commuter race from Brooklyn's Fort Greene to Manhattan's Union Square:
Bicycle: 16min
Car: 22min
Transit: 29min

6. Four commuters, four types of transport, one destination: The winner is ...
- A 17km commute from Sandringham
Bicycle: 32min
Motorbike: 38min
Car: 41min
Train: 57min

7. Simple Lives: Banyule Monday morning peak transport race
- A 15km commute from Heidelberg Heights to the Melbourne CBD
Bicycle: 32min+
Train: 50min
Car: 75min

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