Thursday 1 May 2014

Ideas and notes from cycling-related books

Summary: This post will collate ideas, notes and summaries of cycling-related books I've read. The topics include: urban cycling and culture, how to ride, human transport, human-centred urban design, how car-centrism has ruined cities/lifestyles, going car-free, voluntary simplicity, downshifting, sustainability.

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1. Changing Gears - A pedal-powered detour from the rat race (Greg Foyster)
Blog: Simple Lives
Ch1: Not Sold
p19: In Australia, most people invest a lot of money in their family home, work in a different location from where they live, and travel in a car to get there. Once we've identified that pattern we can look at the incentives that drive it: tax system, government policy, roads not rail, job clusters. If the majority live a certain way then the economic and social system is usually set up to cater for that lifestyle. This makes it expensive or inconvenient to buck the system. As Greg got to the stage of life he wanted to settle he felt pushed toward the average Aussie lifestyle but wanted to see and try other lifestyle options. Hence the cycling trip.

Ch2: The Philosophers Shed
p23-26: Samuel Alexander, Simplicity Institute founder, introduced as expert on voluntary simplicity. Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Diogenes.

p30: 10 categories of need Greg lists as wanting to explore options and improve - Shelter, Community, Food, Work, Clothing, Technology, Money, Health, Spirituality/Environment.

Ch3: Seeking Shelter
p34: Gavin Webber, Melton, Australia's best green blogger. Can you live simply and sustainably in the suburbs?

p38: David Holmgren and Su Dennett, Hepburn Springs, Permaculture founder. Home-based lifestyles. Critic of commuting. Human lifestyles should be place-based.
Links: Melliodora Tours;

p46: Peter Cowman, Castlemaine, Architect, Tiny houses.

p51: Kristin Rule and Andrew Stretton, Mt Glasgow. Cycle touring.

Ch4: Community Minded
p59: Tony Kidd, Murundaka Co-housing Community, Heidelberg Heights.

p67: Environmental problems tied to individualistic culture. People acquire stuff to express identity/status because they don't interact with their neighbours.

p68: Moora Moora cooperative community, Mt Toolebewong. Peter and Sandra Cock.

p153: David Owen, The Conundrum. Cars are consumption amplifiers.

p184. Ted Trainer. The Simpler Way.

p348: Lessons
Work with what you've got; Humans can adapt to almost anything; Embrace hypocrisy (values lead actions); Spend time in nature; Time is life; Money is time; Stuff breeds stuff; 2 big barriers to voluntary simplicity are social pressure and lack of infrastructure; Chief issues are work, income and shelter; It's not where you live, it's how.

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